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Joueur C. murison sur GooPrize jeux gratuits et concours pour gagner des cadeaux

Membre 301958 jeux gagner cadeaux C. murison jeux concours 301958

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Informations Générales:

C. murison (27511)
iD : 301958

Date d'inscription : 07/06/2014

Date de dernière connexion : 23/03/2015 à 06:30

Nombre de jours de connexion : 124

Jeux gratuits pour gagner des cadeaux, Témoignage :

" This site is really fun, and it offers so much more than other sites I have used.

I can't believe how EASY it is to receive the rewards on Gooprize. And the fact that they offer this site to American users is another great thing about it!

And the monthly games that change for different prizes offered! I have seen it on other sites as a bonus offer, not something I could participate in on my own free will.

Each individual game has it's own bonuses, and they are such fun! I prefer the jackpot gold game the most, right next to the monthly competitions.

The fact that you can log in and earn chips to bet with, really makes it so much more worth it to use this site.

I have been sent some post its and am to receive a magnet soon! I think that's such a sweet little bonus, thanking me for using this site.

I am close to having enough to redeem prizes, and when I do, I will be super excited to keep using this site! Knowing how easy this site has been would make me recommend it to my friends and family!
Thank you ever so much, Gooprize!


Statistiques des jeux gratuits :

Nombre de jetons joués : 20 786

Nombre de parties Colorado jouées : 5

Nombre de parties Atlantis jouées : 5

Nombre de parties DayPrize jouées : 134

Nombre de filleuls : 2

Derniers cadeaux:

Tapis de souris Mascottes en folie, cadeau gagné sur les jeux gratuits le 02/09/2014

" Woohoo! Thanks, gooprize! "
Magnet Little Vicking, cadeau gagné sur les jeux gratuits le 21/07/2014

" This is a fun website! "
Bloc Post-it Logo Fun, cadeau gagné sur les jeux gratuits le 08/07/2014