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Joueur S. Vinicius sur GooPrize jeux gratuits et concours pour gagner des cadeaux

Membre 290796 jeux gagner cadeaux S. Vinicius jeux concours 290796

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Informations Générales:

S. Vinicius (06851390)
iD : 290796

Date d'inscription : 05/05/2014

Date de dernière connexion : 29/09/2017 à 06:15

Nombre de jours de connexion : 132

Jeux gratuits pour gagner des cadeaux, Témoignage :

" Gooprize it's the best web games ever made in XVI, has been a long time that i have been into the online games and its has never appear at me something to distract you and got a laugh time.
Many other games don't get you the all attantion but the gadgets and games its a hole new exciting thing.
I love the airport security game and the jackpot gold, not to metion the prizes with are fantastic, little vikings are the especial game that i have played to.
Gooprize is always giving out jetons for free, and make the games more axciting.
I love that game of the time as italian restaurant e other with has appearing on month's games.
how axciting to play ever time i finish work and open the game to realx e enjoy my free time.
Congratulations for all the developers and the fans with are able to play thoses games quite offen.
The bets are real deal, many promotions and many rewards for it, been the club VIP is escential for more points and more premius.
Crazy scientist is one of the most played games by my friends and family i hope all the fans like the gooprize website, its a hole new expirience with games.

Best Regards
Vinicius Santos "

Statistiques des jeux gratuits :

Nombre de jetons joués : 25 256

Nombre de parties Colorado jouées : 5

Nombre de parties Atlantis jouées : 5

Nombre de parties DayPrize jouées : 127

Nombre de filleuls : 1

Derniers cadeaux:

Dessous de Verre Little Vicking, cadeau gagné sur les jeux gratuits le 01/07/2015